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If you have followed me on this blog thing, you may remember that once in a while I have an excess amount of very ripe bananas on hand. My two year old loves them, or at least the first couple of bites, so there are always opportunities for me to come up with creative ways to NOT lose the bananas. I don't do a lot of baking really. I guess I am just lazy...or, maybe it's a confidence thing. Whatever the case, I have recently overcome fear and laziness to turn what would otherwise be compost or smoothie prep into warm, wonderful and fragrant treats. I have a recipe for banana (nut) bread from an old family recipe box. This one in particular is credited to the firecracker wife of a "G-Man", Mrs. Jo King. I hope you enjoy this easy to make, and delicious recipe.


1/2 c. butter (softened)
1 c. sugar
2 eggs
(1/3 c. nuts, chopped)
3 bananas, mashed (about a cup =/-)
2 c. flour
1 tsp. baking soda
1/2 tsp. baking powder


-cream butter and sugar-
-add unbeaten eggs, nuts and bananas-
-add flour, soda, and baking powder
-cook in well greased pans @ 350 for 45 minutes plus
makes two medium or six miniatures

and that is it. As written. I have found that on baking time, I need about 55 minutes. You will notice the bread split on top as it nears readiness. Check the progress using a bamboo skewer or one of those actual cake testing metal rods like you may have seen in the movies, or in YOUR grandma's kitchen. Once this has been removed from the oven, cool the bread in pans on cooling racks for 15 minutes, then remove from the pans and cool completely on the racks.
I made this recently and sent some to my mom. She was very motherly in her critique. I made a loaf the morning my dad came down to inspect the newborn here. Dad is the official photographer/scout/infant inspector of my side of the family, as mom can't travel so well anymore...arthritis, evil stuff. Anyway, I cut the loaf in half to send some up to mother. She remarked that it was "delicious........but", and I knew. I had not let it "cure" or as she calls it "ripen". She explained to me that once the bread is cooled properly, you must wrap it in either wax paper, or plastic wrap, and then aluminum foil, and leave it alone at room temperature for about 24 hours. I knew this. It's just like with a fruit cake, she went on....and I just listened. See, I get it ...and I also often have quite a bit of sport made of me and of the fact that no matter what I am cooking, pot of chili, chowder, stew, banana bread, Christmas Liquor Tea...I always insist that it be not disturbed until tomorrow. Nobody wants to wait until tomorrow, once you have gone to the trouble and few hours time to make the house smell all nice and loved. Everybody wants it NOW these days. But please....do yourselves and my exceedingly loving and detail oriented mother a favor, wrap it and let it rest before you enjoy it.
Once you have gotten down the road a day, and you get into the goodness, try a few favorite tweaks of mine. I like to use it in place of French Toast...no need to really soak it in eggs, just throw slices of it into a hot frying pan with some butter, and dress with a little drizzle of honey, or not...for a nice brunch accompaniment. Or, go with my favorite, a nice one-upper for the peanut butter and banana sandwich....slice thinly and stuff with bacon and cheese and then hook it up like a grilled cheese....do it! My sister in law has made cakes from the recipe and covered them in cream cheese icing...and that sounds good too, or what about peanut butter butter cream frosting on there??? Just make some banana bread. Think about it anyway, the next time you see three over-ripened bananas laying there in the bowl...looking at you, ...- all sad.

Funny note about mom, who is one of the most humble and compassionate people I know. We were discussing recipes once. Some people are very guarded with them, won't share...or they will give you a recipe and leave an ingredient out somewhere. Not my mom. And she said to me once, regarding this fact: " If you ask me for my lemon pound cake recipe, I'll give it to you...there's nothing in there that's hard or mysterious...but you still won't be able to make it like mine". And she is right. She means to say that people don't spend the time nowadays to make something as good as it can be, or as good as it SHOULD be. Maybe that's why so many grown children still love to run home to their mothers, and to that comfort of home for any shred of calm or relaxation...and maybe why they plow gluttonously through every other facet of their chaotic lives in this modern fast lane. But I don't really know, so I say maybe a lot.

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  1. As somebody that refuses to eat bananas once they start to get brown spots on them (most call it ripening, I call it gross) , a good Banana Bread recipe is a must. I think I'll try yours on the handful that are getting 'riper' on the counter as I type this