Giving The Turnip Its Due, Quickly -killertomato

I love the bitterness of turnips, so instead of trying to mask it, here's a quick and simple recipe that punctuates it. B brought home some lovely, tender brisket from work and so the addition of red wine to the turnips really worked with it. I also prepared some kale like collard greens, with onion, garlic, the ever-present chicken stock and seasoning.

You'll need:
olive oil
red wine

Heat the olive oil over medium and when it is hot, add the turnips, cover with paprika and a bit of salt and toss around until the paprika is evenly distributed and the turnips are browned on the edges. Turn the heat to medium high and add enough red wine until it comes about halfway up the turnips. Not covering them, but a generous amount. When the oil and wine start boiling, stir frequently until the liquid is reduced. The turnips should soften but still have a bite. This is really doing justice to the turnip!

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